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Your professional communication skills can shut down verbal aggression.

As a speaker, trainer, and consultant for Verbal Defense and Influence, I’ve helped transform institutions and empower individuals, by helping them learn and apply a set of communication methodologies developed by a truly diverse team of subject matter experts.

Verbal Defense and Influence’s methodology centers around addressing the spectrum of human conflict by utilizing the Five Maxims of Human Interaction — in public safety, education, health care, and government – and by individuals from all walks of life — to enhance interpersonal interactions, with such goals as to:

  •  Prevent and de-escalate attempted assaults
  •  Generate voluntary compliance
  •  Improve cooperation and collaboration within a team
  •  Prevent interpersonal conflict and de-escalate it if it occurs
  •  Improve customer service and sales
  •  Maintain mental and emotional safety in the midst of conflict
  •  Stop verbal abuse, bullying and harassment

I’ve worked closely with this team and am a certified Verbal Defense and Influence speaker, trainer, and consultant. This website enables me to interact with my network of contacts in a more personal way. Here you can learn more about me, send me an email, review my client list and their testimonials, and review the services I provide.

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